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101 Delaware Wing-T Drills (The Delaware Wing-T Series) - download pdf or read online

By Harold R. Raymond

ISBN-10: 0585089701

ISBN-13: 9780585089706

ISBN-10: 1571671625

ISBN-13: 9781571671622

A hundred and one drills, geared up via place, for constructing the talents and strategies necessary to the Wing-T offense. Thorough causes, diagrams and training guidelines accompany each one drill. Covers quarterback, operating again, offensive line, and finish drills, in addition to agility and pace drills.

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Download PDF by Harold R. Raymond: 101 Delaware Wing-T Drills (The Delaware Wing-T Series)

One hundred and one drills, equipped through place, for constructing the abilities and methods necessary to the Wing-T offense. Thorough factors, diagrams and training tips accompany every one drill. Covers quarterback, working again, offensive line, and finish drills, in addition to agility and velocity drills.

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Football is a great game. As a metaphor for life, football involves many of the critical elements that are required for success in almost any undertakingsacrifice, hard work, teamwork, planning and an unrelenting commitment to excellence. To the extent that this series of five books (and a companion series of five instructional videos) enables youin some small wayto appreciate this terrific game even more, then our efforts to write these volumes and to produce these videos will have been well worthwhile.

Page 86 Drill #73: Shoulder Block Blow Delivery Drill Objective: To practice upper body technique of a shoulder block. Equipment Needed: Hand-held shields. Description: Players align in front of the available shield holders. The shield holders crouch so that the shield is held at knee level. The blocker pushes off his left foot and steps with his right foot. The following step of the push foot drives the inside shoulder to the face of the shield. The shoulder lifts the shield. The blocker should knock the shield holder backward.

A center, quarterback, and fullback line up at each station. The left halfbacks line up on the right side of the field and vice versa. A cone is placed at the outside end of each tape to represent the inside foot of the 3 man and designate the pitch point. Another cone is placed five yards outside the tape and two yards behind the line of scrimmage to designate where the ball should be caught. The quarterback calls cadence and receives the snap, and then he and the halfback execute the pitch. Coaching Point: The coach should emphasize the importance of the correct timing and placement of the pitch.

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101 Delaware Wing-T Drills (The Delaware Wing-T Series) by Harold R. Raymond

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