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Download e-book for kindle: 101 Defensive Back Drills by Ron Dickerson Sr, James A Peterson, Coaches Choice

By Ron Dickerson Sr, James A Peterson, Coaches Choice

ISBN-10: 058506296X

ISBN-13: 9780585062969

ISBN-10: 1571670890

ISBN-13: 9781571670892

The shielding again drills in one hundred and one protective again Drills (Second variation) are acceptable and powerful in any respect completive degrees. The drills during this e-book were accrued, field-tested, and utilized by way of a trainer with greater than 4 many years of collegiate soccer event. correctly designed drills could have a rare worth, permitting coaches to higher enhance the talents in their avid gamers. the categories of drills featured contain warm-up, quickness, velocity & agility, move, response, assurance, tackling, and fumble restoration.

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Page 59 Drill #46: Double Mirror Objective: To improve stamina; to develop the ability of a defensive back to change directions while running either backwards or laterally; to warm-up. Equipment Needed: None. Description: The defenders position themselves as illustrated, facing the coach (C). The coach signals the closest defender to him to move. That defender is commanded to perform one of three basic movementsrun backwards in a straight line, run laterally at a 45-degree angle, or run forward in a straight line.

As the players develop their skills in this drill, the coach should require the players to speed-up their shuffling movements in order to further enhance their level of foot quickness. Page 19 Drill #9: Back-Pedal and Move Objective: To develop quickness in changing directions from the back-pedal; to develop aggressiveness in going for the ball. Equipment Needed: A football. Description: The coach has three defensive backs at a time assume a defensive position, arms distance apart, facing him. The coach then holds a football above his head with both hands.

The coach then immediately throws the other ball to the player, making him move laterally in the opposite direction. This sequence is repeated until the coach or the defensive back drops the football. The coach should use this drill as a "change of pace" drill. Page 29 Chapter 3 Movement Drills Page 30 Drill #19: Back-Pedaling and Reaction to the Ball Objective: To improve maintenance of proper alignment with the line of scrimmage; to enhance back-pedaling techniques; to improve the ability to react to a thrown ball.

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